Dear Principal and Teachers,

This year, we are offering a Live Streaming option.


We are a TDSB Approved Vendor and we partner with most other School Boards.

We’re a Not-for-Profit organization that has been either directly or indirectly providing educational school shows for over ten years.

Details: Classroom LIVE STREAM

  • Every student will receive an educational gift bag full of activities and useful keepsakes. (supplied prior to your performance date) Grade specific.
  • Our host will take your students on a magical virtual tour of the theatre and backstage.
  • Our actors will perform Aladdin close up and interactive.
  • Students will learn more about the stage, what creates the magic of the theatre and more.
  • The live stream means we can perform a shout out to your school, class and even a student who has a birthday.
  • We have the ability to create an interactive performance more suited to kindergarten & grade 1, grade 2 & 3 and grade 4 – 6. You will be able to specify which one when you register.
  • As a teacher, you will be able to ask questions about the play to our host through a chat function.
  • You can register and book a performance time to suit your schedule.
  • If you don’t have the means of viewing this as a class, talk to us, we should be able to help

We are here to help you bring the magic of theatre and the importance of the arts to your class!

Dates for live streams:
Nov. 24 through to Dec. 4, 2020 (there will be several scheduled performance times each day).

Cost: $10.00 per student (this includes tax and individual student packages), teachers are free.

Once you register, you will be provided with a closed link to access the live stream for your performance date and time.

Teachers can download our Educational Package by clicking here.

FINAL NOTE: We are partnering with Diversified Productions Inc. (our sister “corporate” company), which has been producing tremendous Live Stream Events for corporate clients for over three years and lead the way in the field of Virtual Conferences. This assures a top notch, exciting, interactive, educational and highly experiential event…not just a webinar or zoom call.

Diversified Theatre is a not-for-profit CanadianTheatre Company.
Our mandate is to produce the best educational theatrical entertainment for schools.

Please download our School Brochure by clicking here.

Last year’s show was “Jack and the Beanstalk”. It played to over 6,000 students from the GTA and surrounding area.

Diversified Theatre is a member of C.O.D.E. – The Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators.

Our mandate is to provide professional, quality shows at an affordable price.

For information about the Live Streams, please call Trudy or Peter at (416) 696-6041 or email us at

Pre-theatre activities

Each class that chooses to see our production as a school trip will have the option of receiving show programs prior to the event. Each program is loaded with information about the show as well as word finds, trivia and puzzles. It will also include a colouring contest and the entries can be handed in at the theatre. The winners will be judged according to grade level and receive free theatre tickets for their family along with a cash donation to their school.

Where do our shows fit into a teacher’s lesson plan?

After seeing our show, teachers will be able to create independent and group activities based on the Creative Process. Through critical analysis, students can develop and express their own initial reaction and response to the work and communicate and reflect on what they have experienced.

Independent activities for students could include:

  • Descriptions of the show (comparing two versions of a story character)
  • Sensory Impressions (writing a descriptive paragraph)
  • More about location of the show (making a map)

Group Activities for students could include:

  • “Let’s Talk About …” (discussing the story)
  • Variations – rewriting a version of a tale
  • Different Points of View (re-telling the story from each characters perspective)